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These courses detail the safe and proper use of safety harnesses when working at heights or on rooftops.

Harness safety training courses are available at any of EAP Training's purpose-built training centres.

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On-site training is available upon request.

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 Construction workers climbing scaffolding wearing harnesses

Safety Harness Practical Training 

£XXX  per candidate

This course is ideal for those inexperienced in the use of harnesses. Candidates will gain an understanding of the use of personal fall protective equipment, including the selection, pre-use inspection and maintenance of equipment, along with the relevant record keeping.

The practical side of the course will cover:

  • Restraint
  • Harness positioning
  • Fall arresting
  • The use of inertia reels and safety lines


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 Rescuing a person from a crane using a harness

Safety Harness Rescue Course  

£XXX per candidate

This course is ideal for candidates with some foundational knowledge and competency on the use of personal fall protection equipment. The candidate will garner an understanding of the importance of proper rescue measures and planning when working at height, the different approaches to conducting a rescue and the importance of personal safety when conducting a rescue.

The practical side of this course will cover:

  • Fitting and adjusting a fall arrest harness
  • The correct use of fall arrest lanyards
  • Casualty management and the application of temporary aids

  • Deployment of the rescue kit from a position of safety
  • Using equipment to gain a mechanical advantage when lifting the casualty.


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 A construction worker on a roof wearing a harness

Rooftop Safety Awareness

£XXX  per candidate

This course will provide the candidate with the knowledge surrounding the safe use of anchor schemes, along with the relevant pre-use inspections and fitting fall arrest harnesses.

The course covers:

  • Safety legislation
  • Risk assessment
  • Accounting for weather conditions

  • The effects of roof materials
  • Means of access
  • Edge protection

  • Temporary lifelines
  • The use of fall arrest systems
  • Accessing a roof safely
  • Common rooftop-related accidents


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 Shadows of construction workers on scaffoling

Rooftop Safety / Work Restraint 

£XXX per candidate

This practical course is aimed at those who need to safely access rooftops as part of their work, through the use of fall arrest systems. Candidates will carry out a number of tasks while suspended at a height, providing a valuable insight as to their abilities.

The course covers:

  • Understanding of what constitutes steep ground
  • Setting up work restraint systems
  • The practical use of full body harnesses
  • The practical use of work positioning systems
  • Additional rooftop hazards

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